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Business & Employment

Employee well-being: Active steps to make sure your people are happy, healthy and financially sound

Reading time: 2 minutes > Employee health and well-being is high on many businesses’ agendas and is no longer merely an afterthought when addressing sickness absence. There is an obvious link between a happy, healthy workforce and improved productivity. The aim should be to reduce direct healthcare costs, build and sustain high employee morale, drive effective recruitment and retention, improve…
Jen Paice
March 24, 2020
Budgeting & Financial habits

Discover a clearer financial future: professional financial advice tailored to you

Reading time: 4 minutes > It’s often a common fallacy that only those that are wealthy have any need for professional financial advice. Regardless of how careful you are with your money, dealing with the tricky intricacies of taxation, investments and financial regulations can be difficult for even the most money-conscious of earners. However, when it comes to financial planning…
Jen Paice
March 20, 2020
Savings & Investments

Millennial Money: Social and environmental good as well as financial returns

Reading time: 2 minutes > Building wealth for the future is important, but increasingly people want their investments to do more than make money. Investing ethically means different things to different people. According to a new global survey, almost eight out of 10 millennials now prioritise socially responsible and impactful investing. Environmental, social and governance issues are now their top…
Jen Paice
March 17, 2020
Savings & Investments

Inflation Matters: One of the biggest threats to the health of your investment portfolio

Reading time: 2 minutes > If you’re investing – especially for major goals years away, such as retirement – you can’t afford to ignore the corrosive effect rising prices can have on the value of your assets. Is inflation finally returning to Western economies, aided by the ‘Trumpflation effect’? It’s been described as a ‘hidden tax’ because of the consistent…
Jen Paice
March 10, 2020

Meet our Apprentice: Harry Barclay

Reading time: 2 minutes > Last week, 2nd-6th March was Modern Apprenticeship Week so we decided to shine the spotlight on Cornerstone's first ever apprentice, Harry Barclay who is signed up to the Modern Apprenticeship Scheme in Scotland. We asked Harry a few questions about his role at Cornerstone and we hope you enjoy this brief insight into day-to-day life…
Jen Paice
March 9, 2020
Business & Employment

‘Sandwich generation’ carers: Nearly half a million quit their careers in the last two years alone

Reading time: 3 minutes > More people are now caring than previously thought, with almost 5 million workers now juggling their paid job with caring – a dramatic rise compared with Census 2011 figures of 3 million. Previous research shows those aged 45–64 – the so-called ‘sandwich generation’ – are most likely to have a caring responsibility, providing a strong…
Jen Paice
February 25, 2020

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