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Budgeting & Financial habits

Financial fallout from Covid-19: Impact on the nation’s wealth and financial security

It is becoming uncomfortably clear that while not everyone has been physically affected by coronavirus (COVID-19), every single one of us will be impacted financially. During the pandemic, savings and investments have been volatile, as have wages and jobs. As a result, the virus has affected the majority of people’s savings habits according to new research. 6 in 10 savers…
Jen Paice
July 8, 2020

Build Back Better: Park Life

I think everyone has been horrified by the recent images of crowded beaches and parks that are then left strewn with litter. In Edinburgh, Ian Rankin took to Twitter to express disgust at the state The Meadows was left in following a recent bout of sunshine. As a student I spent many happy afternoons on the Meadows amongst the mandatory…
Jen Paice
July 3, 2020
Business & EmploymentPensions & Retirement

In these uncertain times, don’t lose track of your pensions

What does HSBC, the BBC, delivery company DHL and the RSPCA have in common with each other? Sadly, it is the fact that they have all announced significant staff redundancies in recent days, as a result of financial difficulties caused by the Coronavirus. From loss of work contracts, to problems collecting license fees and charitable donations, businesses and organisations of…
Jen Paice
July 1, 2020

Build Back Better: Minding the Multiple Gaps

It was as always a pleasure to read and learn from Ellie’s blog last week, the first in our Build Back Better Letter format. I never fail to find it refreshing and satisfying that Ellie is getting to make good use of the skills she developed as a History student at University during her financial services day job. Thanks for…
June 19, 2020

Build Back Better: The Future of Care

As lockdown begins to phase out over much of the UK we’ve decided to switch up our Letters and it’s my pleasure to introduce our first Build Back Better Letter this week. Rebecca and I have hopefully covered some interesting topics already and now we wish to look not just at how things have changed but how they will continue…
Jen Paice
June 12, 2020

Letters from Lockdown: What did you learn today?

This week’s Letter from Lockdown is the last one in this format and finishes on a very important subject – that of education. It thinks about the UN Sustainability Goals (SDGs) that underpin our Responsible Futures portfolios and in particular SDG 4 – ensuing inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. As I’ve been doing…
Jen Paice
June 5, 2020

Letters from Lockdown: A glass half full

By now we have looked at an overview of ESG, followed by innovations in technology, food, business, and transport. This week I’m imagining myself by the seaside with an ice cream cone in hand, gazing out over the vast ocean. I recently heard that water was originally not going to have its own UN Sustainable Development Goal because it was…
Jen Paice
May 29, 2020

Letters from Lockdown: Going the Disruptive Distance

It may soon be time to step out of our front doors and venture back into the big, wide world again. Our lives will take us all to different places and we will all get there in different ways. Many people will be wondering how they are going to travel to work once the lockdown lifts and others will only…
Jen Paice
May 22, 2020

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