How we can benefit Trustees and Charities

The Cornerstone service and investment process is well suited to Trustee and Charity clients for the following reasons:

  • Our diversified range of investment solutions means we are able to build a quality portfolio, regardless of the investment objectives or size of the portfolio.
  • The fact we outsource investment management to experts and have a robust due diligence process in place means you can be confident assets are being managed efficiently.
  • We have excellent relationships with our selected managers and other business partners and as a result can secure bespoke and favourable terms for our clients.
  • We have a robust risk assessment and management process in place, allowing us to target a certain level of return for an acceptable degree of investment risk.
  • Our goal driven financial planning approach is appropriate for money which is being managed specifically to meet a varying and evolving range of financial needs.
  • We use technology to provide administrative efficiency, convenient investment monitoring facilities and rapid access to capital.
  • Both our Directors as individuals and the company as a whole maintains high ethical standards at all times, valuing the rights and well-being of our clients, employees and the other people we deal with in the business from day to day.