Social Media Policy

Cornerstone Asset Management employ a respectful and managed approach to social media to ensure that our consumers are kept abreast of developments and news.  We utilise Twitter and LinkedIn primarily communicating industry news, our views and opinions on financial matters and should not be taken as financial guidance or advice.

Third party views or comments on our posts that are considered inappropriate and which could put us in legal or personal jeopardy will be removed.  Likewise, comments that contain offensive language, are racist or sexists or which advertise or promote products or services for profit or gain will also be removed.  We reserve the right to block any follower who posts content we deem to be inappropriate.

Always seek independent advice before making financial decisions. Wealth management or financial advice will not be made available through our social media channels.

Please do not post any personal or account information on any of our social media pages. If you wish to discuss a personal matter please contact us directly at


Opening Hours

Our office is open between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding local public holidays) and during these hours we will endeavour to respond to all posts within two hours.   If you do post comments or queries out with these hours you may not receive a response to the following day.



Cornerstone will never ask you to send any personal details via any of our social media pages.  We may ask you to direct message us more details to enable us to respond to your query.  We may also ask you to contact us using the email address above.