Franchise services

At Cornerstone we provide franchisees with a specialised financial planning service to assist in the smooth start-up of a business and the planned transition as they achieve their longer term aspirations of growth and prosperity.
Our professional team of advisers in Scotland have extensive experience in working with Company directors, business owners and individuals with entrepreneurial flair. Our close working links with fellow professionals, such as lawyers and accountants, ensures a structured yet seamless service to safeguard as much time as possible for what franchisees do best.

From our experience Franchisees often overlook the extent of their protection and insurance needs. Many will consider insuring their immediately obvious assets against fire, theft and other unforeseen events but many miss the real assets of their business – their people.

Whether it is long term sickness, an accident, or indeed premature death, considering the protection needs of those who really are key to the long term success of the business is a must for all franchise owners.

If you would like any further information or guidance on the services we provide please contact Alan Reid on 0141 410 1084 or

We are happy to provide an initial meeting or discussion without cost or obligation.